What Makes Franco Sarto Bags Special

If you want to find a purse that was made the right way, look no further than Franco Sarto. Franco was born in a small town just outside of Venice, Italy, and learned the art of leatherwork by spending time as a shoemaker. Here are some different things that make Franco Sarto bags something special.

High-Quality Italian Leather

Believe it or not, every type of leather is not the same. Lower quality leathers are more prone to damage like cracking or wear, which can dramatically impact the length of time that you can enjoy your purse. Franco Sarto bags are only made from fine, imported Italian leather. This means that in addition to being soft and supple, they are also strong and durable.

Quality Craftsmanship

In addition to being constructed from high-quality materials, Franco Sarto bags are also inspected intensely before they leave the factory. Bags are checked inside and out for flaws. Trained experts check the quality of the stitching, lining, and leatherwork, only passing along the best bags for shipping.

Attitudes on Comfort

As a trained shoemaker, Franco Sarto understands the purpose of comfort. Bags are created to accommodate the contours of a woman, so you won’t need to worry about your purse digging into your shoulder. Another benefit of Franco Sarto bags is that they are available in a huge range of colours and styles, so you might have a hard time trying to choose a new purse.

Match Your Bag with Your Shoes

Are you careful to make sure that your accessories match? The great thing about buying Franco Sarto bags is that they also sell fine shoes. This means that if you find a bag that you love, you can purchase shoes made from the same type and colour of leather. This makes it easy to compose thought out, professional-looking outfits.

Less Common Branding

If you are tired of getting the same brands as your friends, consider buying something a little different like a Franco Sarto bag. Not everyone gets to tote around a high-end Franco Sarto purse, which will make you stand out.