Why You Might Enjoy The Sak

In a world filled with structured, boring bags, the Sak focuses on importing interesting fabrics from all over the world. The first famous bags that the Sak produced were woven rattan purses, which are still sold today. Here are some reasons that you might enjoy a nice bag created by the Sak.

Company Philosophy

The owners of the Sak focus on happiness and peace. Self-proclaimed hippies, owners Todd Elliot and Mark Talucci found inspiration for their bags on a trip to Bali in 1989. Both found the idea of interesting imported goods fascinating and decided to start a company together. They had the idea to create woven bags because of a purse that Todd’s sister wore to a party that she had gotten from Indonesia. Today, the company focuses on creating high-quality bags full of intrigue and texture.

Hand-woven Materials

Who doesn’t like the natural, cosy look of woven threads? The Sak strives to bring women the versatility and comfort of hand-woven materials. Because crotched bags are slightly expandable, women have the opportunity to fit more into their purses, which is always a good thing. Bags created from woven materials are also less susceptible to damage that smooth leather bags might face, such as scratches or water damage.

Famous Hobo Bags

Simply put, the Sak put the hobo bag on the map. Creators focused on a simple, casual sling-type bag that would allow women to throw them over their shoulders and go. Hobo bags are usually larger than other purse styles, which make them a perfect accessory for moms and travellers.

Classic Styling

One of the great things about woven bags created by the Sak is that they are designed with classic styling in mind. Instead of your bag being the star of the show, you can allow it to blend into the background with its smooth lines and calm colours. Another benefit to classic styling is that it can be dressed up or down. There are high-end versions of the Sak’s crocheted bags, complete with golden pocket pulls and glistening chains.


Because of the Sak’s success, they are available at many fine retailers nationwide. In addition to gracing the shelves of higher end department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, you can also find great bags created by the Sak at wholesale warehouses like Costco.